Our baby-to-be is officially full term today. What is it about baby names that are difficult for me? Not to choose, but to continue liking for months before meeting the being to whom the name will be attached. I liked Margaret when we picked it, wavered while pregnant, got cold feet but remained committed (as I am want to do), and slowly grew to see it become representative of the person over the first two years of her life. When Margaret was first born, I thought another, more “beautiful” name like Lily, or Evangeline, or Rose, would have suited her better, because she was so lovely. Now Margaret is just right for her energy and strength. She is who she is. As for #2, I’m back in the stage of uncertainty after having felt so convicted of the rightness of the name when I chose it. It feels strange to hear the name used to describe a baby that I don’t yet know. It makes the name not feel right, because I want, instead, to know the person behind it to the extent that the name becomes rather insignificant. I want to think more about that, about having words become invisible, unregistered, before the thing that they refer to. I’m thinking of Heidegger, Levinas, Walter Benjamin. Hmmm, time to do some reading to remember who said what about Adam naming animals in the garden of Eden and about using words as tools for their use (their signifying work), rather than as words/works of art to be contemplated.