Braxton-Hicks, pre-labor, prodromal labor, false labor–there are many names for the contractions that come and go before one actually “goes into labor” and winds up with a baby hours later.  Actually, there are nuances of differences in the meanings of these terms, but they all signify one thing: the bodies of pregnant women have lives of their own.  Whereas I usually use my mind to control my body, being pregnant reminds me that there are many things going on internally over which I have no control.  Luckily, in my body, these are happy, healthy things for the most part.  As our due date approaches, I increasingly have stretches of uncomfortable, 6-10 min apart contractions that subside after a while or cease when I change my level of activity (as the books say is typical of “false labor”).  They wake me from sleep.  They interrupt my concentration on just about everything.  They are pretty annoying. 

I’m getting used to the patterns–the pattern, that is, of there not being any pattern or trajectory–so I’m usually able to not read into them.  Unfortunately, they keep ramping up, and at each new level of pain, I begin to suspect that *this time* these are going somewhere, but no, that level just becomes the next normal to get used to.  Wish me luck tonight as I try to get through the night without thinking that something new and exciting is happening with each one that invades and then dissapates my dreams.