Today was busy and happy: getting Margaret up and off to school, walking with Steve to my OB appt, going in to work for 2 relatively interesting meetings, and back home again for a late afternoon of play and making dinner with Margaret.  Steve got home earlier than I expected, in time to say goodnight to M and have some time together while he ate the yummy root vegetables I’d sauteed for us all.  I even got on the exercise bike for 10 minutes in the AM before heading out, which tends to give everything a rosier hue for me emotionally. 

What I didn’t do was any writing today.  I really do need to figure out why and remedy the mismatch between goal setting and goal execution.  Admittedly, I didn’t set any specific writing goals for today, knowing how stacked with meetings and responsibilities I would be–and giving myself the permission to be slightly bird-brained in these final days of pregnancy.  

Despite my report of 2 very painful contractions each during the nights on Sunday and Tuesday and constant rhythms of B-H ones all during my days, my OB just nodded and said, “This is normal,” which I’ve now heard a hundred times in the last 8 months.  I like her for this hands-off-unless-I’m-needed attitude.  She said she would check dialation only if I really wanted to know, but discouraged me by saying that it really told us nothing, as some people are at 3 for weeks and others go from closed to complete in hours.  She said that I would “just know,” which I think is true–though in the middle of the nights during my new very painful contrations, I “just knew” that those were real IF they persisted, which they didn’t.  I’m not minding much, though.  Curiousity and eager hopefulness about what our daughter looks like are the biggest reasons I want labor to begin.  Otherwise my days are quite happy if I don’t expect too much of myself 🙂 

Tonight Margaret wanted to “say her prayers” for the second time.  While I say a prayer/blessing over her at night almost always, I have never taught her to pray, so she must have gotten this in Sunday School–new this Fall.  Twice now she has sat quietly with her hands together, and told me that she is “talking to God in her head.”  I told her tonight, after praying quietly next to her for a while, that I was thanking God for her, and asking that God help me to be a good Mommy.  She replied, “I am thanking God for you too.  And I am asking God to help me to be a doctor when I grow up.”  Steve laughed for 5 minutes when I recounted this quip.  What a ride.