Fall 2008 008, originally uploaded by Lindsay Ellis.

We took a marvelous, sunny walk yesterday down to the river. Our destination was the fish ladder, but we didn’t make it that far before stopping to play. My baby bump hurt (Can I still call it that at 9 months?) and M was eager to throw sticks and “go fishing.” She and Steve had a great time while I sat snapping pictures and wondering if my contractions were just walking-induced or ones that might actually build. They were the former. They did continue all evening and woke me up at 4:30 with a pretty painful one. I feel like I could take action (like going for a brisk walk again) to try to keep them going, or just relax, do what sounds fun to me (or get some more work done on university-related stuff) and trust that they will pick up on their own without my nudge when they are ready. I’m very aware of how strongly I revert to wanting to make the birth happen in my own timing. “Now would be a good time,” I think. “What can I do to help labor along while M is at school for the next 6 hours?” instead of just allowing her arrival to be a serendipitous gift when she’s given. I have an OB appt today at 1:30. I anticipate that Dr. F will just tell me the baby is happy and send me home to wait some more.