It’s official. My babymoon has begun. Perhaps other new mothers begin to feel the warm glow of adoration for their newborns right away, but for me, the strong emotions of contentment and joy have expanded as the physical discomforts following birth have decreased. I don’t like feeling incapacitated physically. (Who does?) In the hospital and the first couple of days at home, the simple tasks of life requiring mobility were hard, making me feel like the job of being a mother of two was a bit beyond my capability. Now, my body feels more able and mobile, and my primary mood the last two days has been elation. I feel content to spend endless minutes just memorizing Caroline’s features, knowing that in a few short weeks, she will look and act differently. Already she is beginning to focus her eyes on us more. I’m doing better with parenting Margaret’s three-year old behavior, too (spoonfuls of rice dumped on the floor, pizza applied to face like a cosmetic sponge), though that is another topic worthy of elaboration another time.

One of the values that I work to cultivate in myself is simple attentiveness. I want to notice what’s happening around me and give thanks for as much of it as possible. That’s coming easily yesterday and today, in part because there is so much beauty to be attentive to in Caroline (and in Margaret’s fascination with her). I’m also not trying to notice things through a haze of discomfort and fatigue anymore. Caroline is a blessedly strong eater with a great latch and a contented sleeper if she is being held in our warm arms or close to us in a sling or in bed. We have had only occasional moments of crying–all thankfully related to getting her diaper changed or being ready to eat. Basically, we consider ourselves the most fortunate of parents so far. There is so much to just stop and bear witness to. I thank God for the feel of downy hair against my lips when I kiss Caroline’s head, for the shape of her puckered lips, and for Margaret’s still-enormous blue eyes when she begs to see “my baby.” There’s a lot of quiet delight here at our house.