IMG_1686, originally uploaded by Lindsay Ellis.

Wingfield and Will came to visit the weekend before Thanksgving. Imagine Margaret and Will playing alone together in our basement for almost an hour, and you can imagine our delight. As the parents, so far, of an “only child” 3 year old, it was a glimpse into how fun it will be to have two kids who someday enjoy each other’s company. As it is, Margaret talks to us non-stop. Maybe someday she will talk to Caroline non-stop–or vice versa. Here’s a shot of Caroline yakking it up with her Auntie. Caroline is quite verbal when she’s awake and cheerful. Lots of coos and goos and rrrs. We’re loving that.
It feels to me that I have less time with Caroline than I remember having with baby Margaret, but I think that is just the way it feels from this perspective–the perspective of a parent who already has a child who is awake all day. Babies sleep a lot, and we’re trying hard this week to help Caroline go to sleep after “no more than 2 hours of wakefulness” as Dr. Weissbluth advises. So far, her naps have been much longer when we are intentional about swaddling her before putting her down during the day, and she wakes up more cheerful.
My maternity leave is over, so I should switch my writing tasks here, but it’s great to be back online with some photos to share.