How I feel about my writing depends on who is going to read it and when.  I absolutely love the brainstorming part of writing articles.  I create outlines with gusto.  I can even freewrite about items on my outline with gusto.  This I do for pleasure.  Imagine me mooing like cow longing to be milked–that’s how poerful my desire is to get the ideas in my head OUT and down on paper sometimes.  An outline does this for me.  I can get it all out, see it take shape, in the course of an hour.

What comes next is the death-part, the part of the story in which this outline moulders on my computer for months, waiting for me to return to it.  I put it on my calendar to make writing time.  I sit down with my sources and my outline.  I spend hours and get a few paragraphs written.  It takes a few weeks or months to find another writing time.  At the end of the year, this past year 2009, I’d written three such good outlines and completed none of these three drafts for publication. 

Time to rework the system?  Or just time to make more time for this scholarly writing.  Can I blame it on Caroline for still waking up and crying two or three times a night?  There’s no way I can rise at 5 and write religiously for an hour when I’m already rising at 5 to change a diaper, as I did this morning.  It’s always nice to have someone else to blame our immaturity on.