Well, I’ve been living this past month and not writing much, and before that, drafting rough drafts towards publication and not blogging.  I’m still here.  We’re still here.  We’ve been going about our routines, and oh, how I love routines.  Tonight we ate soup I made a full year ago:  lamb and carrots from the farmer’s market with barley.  Our freezer kept it fresh.  It was delicious.  Especially given my slightly sore throat after only one week with a toddler back in daycare.  I can’t keep Caroline’s germs to herself.  We also enjoyed tomatoes and basil from our own yard, despite the cold spell, and bread from Nantucket bakery within walking distance.  Cheese from the Amish dairy near Cowden lake.  Iron and Wine on the radio.  Steve home.  Couldn’t have been better.