I’ve been doing some reading and some talking.  Racism is on our minds.  Stephanie Sandberg’s play, Lines, has gotten my community in Grand Rapids talking about whiteness and blackness, and the economic and social lines that define us.  Art is also on our minds.  Artprize has turned our thinking to design and beauty, and about how what we make and what we consider beautiful defines us.  Houses are also on my mind.  Last weekend was the Heritage Hill tour of homes, and ours was on display.  I felt very old money.  Very polished.  Very upper middle class (since no one in America thinks they are upper class.)

So here’s my question:  How does a love of design not reproduce class and race lines that disadvantage some by creating a system of expensive signs by which respect is evoked?  Is it a contradiction be anti-racist and anti-classist and love the lines of Herman Miller couches?  And more than just appreciating them, to buy one to make our house even more beautiful?