Wow, do I feel like I have Attention Deficit Disorder this Tuesday morning after July 4.  Here’s the cause:  too many ongoing projects not prioritized.  As listed in a recent post, I have multiple commitments on the horizon, all of which I seem to be mentally working on at once.  I haven’t made a full on game plan of which task to tackle first.  As in now.  This week.  This hour.  Instead my mind keeps flipping back and forth between them, having a hard time making progress on any one of them.

I wonder, with so many books on our bookshelf here at the LMWP, whether our Fellows are having any of this sense of distraction born of having too many books that they want to read.  Are the number of good books actually lowering the quality of focus that students are giving their reading?  Gail mentioned during her demo today that teachers should strive to collect a library of over 1000 titles in their rooms to enable student choice and connection.  Do so many choices ever diminish students’ level of satisfaction, as mentioned about having many choices in the recent Atlantic article on “How to Land your Kid in Therapy“?

Maybe it’s just me.