We had a lovely weekend at the cottage.  We all have colds, runny noses, coughs, fatigue, so it’s perhaps a wonder that I felt so relaxed and peaceful.  I even mustered the energy to bike for 45 minutes, and run for 20 or so, then swim a few laps between docks in the lake.
Caroline was my often-times companion, and despite a few temper tantrums, largely caused by fatigue and the desire to orchestrate events in ways that were logistically impossible (“mommy, I want you to hold my hand when I jump in, but you not jump in”–which the dock is too high out of the water to do).  She was quite the poet as we swam back from the diving dock and watched the cottonwood blow onto the water.

-Caroline, look, the breeze is blowing the cotton
from the cottonwood trees.  Can you see it?
-It is like cotton candy.
Like cats fur.
Sheep’s wool.
This is sheep’s wool
right here.